The world is changing quickly being disrupted by new technologies, new products, new processes, and new ways of thinking. We live in a century in which data is the new currency and how companies treat and manage their data can mean the difference between leaders and laggards. Taking better and quicker informed decisions is not an empty mantra that you find in presentation slides – if you are not doing it, the competition can be doing it and your business may quickly fall behind. Data is your most precious resource, but the speed and volume of new data being generated, the variety of sources, the complexity links between them, together with all data completeness and accuracy issues make the management of your data uneasy task.

To help businesses in their missions to deliver transparency and a solid base for decision making to their people, the B EYE team offers a set of services in the area of Data Warehousing technologies, based on our tool – Informatica. Our services guarantee you durability and consistency of your data, they improve the quality of decisions and eases the development of analytics applications.

B EYE Data Warehousing services

Informatica platforms - modelling services
DWH Modelling Services

Transform the data into a predefined format that fits into the model, developed in close cooperation with our clients to guarantee maximum usability.

DWH Integration Services

Initial deployment of a Data Warehouse system and integration of specific software solutions.

Informatica platforms - icon documentation
DWH Design & Documentation

Data Warehouse design and related documentation according to the client’s specific needs and the business rules that are necessary for making the best decisions.

Informatica platforms - icon data access
Data access & controlling

At any time through a set of security rules, developed according to the client’s needs.

Informatica platforms - icon set of rules
DWH Prototyping

Development of prototypes with a transformational set of rules, business logic and processes of data cleansing.

Informatica platforms - icon testing
DWH Testing & Validation

Testing and validation of the transformational rules, incorporated into the logic of the Data Warehouse service.

Informatica platforms - icon monitoring
DWH Monitoring & Support

Daily monitoring of the Data Warehouse systems and securing their health 24/7.

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