What is Qlik NPrinting?

Qlik NPrinting is Qlik’s a novel automated reporting solution for Qlik Sense and QlikView. It helps companies revolutionize how they share knowledge and insights by creating and delivering pixel-perfect reports. NPrinting offers fast and easy report creation, in widely adopted, portable formats such as Microsoft Office and PDF, with advanced formatting and customization features to ensure that reports are both highly impactful and insightful.

Qlik NPrinting is completely automated and ensures that the right reports reach the right people on time. Reports can be centrally scheduled or ran conditionally; generated with filtered information customized to the user, and delivered through a variety of channels including email, save to disk, and web. With Qlik NPrinting, Qlik can serve as a single solution for both interactive analytics and reporting, empowering organizations to retire legacy BI systems and save significant costs.

Next Generation Pixel Perfect Reporting

Fast Creation of Great Looking Reports

Office Reports and Integration

Qlik NPrinting can create reports in all popular Office formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Moreover. Its “Multidoc” feature allows Qlik Sense and QlikView analytics from multiple apps to be combined into a single report.

Pixel Perfect and Web Reports

Qlik NPrinting generates and delivers highly polished pixel-perfect reports, and HTML reports for web publication, through built-in editors, using data and analytics from Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Web-Based Client

Qlik NPrinting’s web-based client feature allows report development to be done through a browser from any device. Consequently, companies can easily manage and secure multi-developer environments without the need to install additional software.

The Right Reports for The Right People

Managed Reports Distribution

Qlik NPrinting centrally schedules, generates, and delivers the right reports to the right users at the right times, with data specific to them, delivered through the channels they prefer.

Users Generated Reports

Qlik NPrinting empowers users to make selections and explore information, and then generate reports directly from analytics apps, allowing them to immediately transfer insight into a convenient portable format for sharing.

“Newsstand” Subscription Portal

Qlik Sense ensures governance, security, and scalability through robust enterprise management, a new multi-cloud architecture, and patented associative engine technology, allowing companies the flexibility of self-service oriented analytics without having to trade-off governance.

Collaborative Analytics for Everyone

Multi-Threaded Scalability

The new NPrinting engine is multi-threaded and supports clustering, allowing multiple tasks to be executed simultaneously for increased performance. Thus, companies can scale the number of reports to greater volumes to be delivered to more people with increased reliability.

Enhanced, Role-Based Security

Role-based security offers centralized control over features and data. Companies can easily assign access levels to different roles, resulting in a secured development and distribution environment.

Reporting Efficiency and Value

NPrinting’s interactive reporting allows the retirement of any other legacy BI systems, significantly cutting costs, and distributing links to live analytics apps, encouraging passive consumers to explore and see the whole story behind their data.