We work with you to navigate the complexities and grasp the opportunities that Business Intelligence (BI) brings in every area of your business. See the story below to learn how do we achieve this:

Our client, C., had already opened their notebook when we asked how many versions of the Annual Report existed on their company’s DropBox. They started going through spreadsheets and presentations each created by a different employee. The Annual Report had at least 17 versions with various columns and numbers and in different colors together with numerous templates.

“Each team is trying to create the same report but with different tools” our client said. “The worst thing about it is that at the end of the day our CEO needs a single number for revenue forecast, a single number for targets and a single number for sales, and actually who wouldn’t?”. C. calls this situation “chaotic”, we call it “report-overload”. Executives are rarely aware of the extent to which their employees reinvent the wheel every day just to get to the data they need. The cost stays hidden and is growing.

More and more people in the organization use and need information to do their job. Everyone, from a sales representative and customer support to product manager uses information to take decisions. The scary thing about it is that most of these people are not even aware of coworkers sharing the same reporting needs, and that they might have already created relevant and meaningful reports.

This is an example of where we can help. We gather all your data, analyze it and create up-to date unified solutions that allow you to get meaningful insights into your business and develop your ideas into actionable items in real-time.

And while the expected productivity gains of having a single source of information through BI can at least result in cost savings, the quick access to cutting edge data can also increase revenues and drive better informed decisions through a focused approach of data presentation. When all employees in the company have one go-to place, they will be able to see what is out there so that we can all participate in creating a better strategy for your company.

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