Business Intelligence (BI) empowers executives and enterprise users at all levels to transform their entire business by deriving valuable insights from their corporate data. In the sphere of Business Intelligence, B EYE is a leading company that has experience in creating and maintaining dashboards, data visualizations and models with thousands of users. We have helped companies all around the globe evolve their business with the power of BI. In order to support our clients’ growth, we have partnered with the world’s leading BI platform – Qlik, which gathers various sources of data, and provides a quick, accurate, and efficient tool for analyzing the huge amount of data, available in your organization.

Furthermore, relying on detailed visualizations and user-friendly interface, Qlik improves data literacy for the entire workforce in your organization — regardless of role or skill set. It easily allows analytics to be embedded into any workflow or business process and permits the extension of visual analytics into partner portals and customer websites. Our technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views. We help companies harness the true power of their business, create a competitive edge and expand their market share.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions

Get Valuable Insights

Get timely insights and make faster and better-informed business decisions. BI enables users to make decisions based on the latest available data. You will be able to analyze data in real-time and increase the accuracy of your day-to-day reporting.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Successfully track KPIs by getting on-time alerts and notifications every time the data is modified on your preselected indicators and easily discover the cause of the changes, in order to take timely action.

Reduced Costs

Using BI, you can improve resource allocation to find out which areas of your business need more assets and which ones need less. Moreover, BI enables you to do more with less headcount by automating processes and saving human power for more valuable tasks.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Get a 360° view of your clients, understand their behavior and prepare tailor-made offers for them. BI empowers you to leverage your customer data to deliver an optimal experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Revenue

Using meaningful data insights provided by BI, will empower you to discover new opportunities and implement data-driven strategies, creating a competitive edge, and expanding your market share.

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Get a Competitive Advantage

BI gives you a tangible competing advantage in today’s dynamic and competitive market. Transforming your corporate data allows you to make decisions, soundly based on data-driven insights and provides your company with a higher level of security and confidence.

Transform your Business with BI