Visit Social Care Homes for Children in Sofia and Lesichovo

Here, at B EYE, we believe that no business can exist out of society and look away from people’s misfortune. Last week we organized a fundraiser at our office to help underprivileged children in social care homes. Food, toys, basic supplies and must-have school materials for the first day of school were provided to both homes. We were happy to get so many of our colleagues involved and raise awareness that we should all be socially accountable – not only to ourselves and the environment around us, but also to the public, and most of all to give away to those in need.

This is the second time we visited the Children’s Home for Medical and Social Care (HMSCC) “St. Ivan Rilski” in Sofia. The mission of the social care home is to help the development of children with specific problems so that they can integrate better with other children at their age. Our second visit was to the Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care in Lesichevo, Pazardzhik district where our founder, Dimitar Dekov, talked with the children about the power of self-motivation and goal-setting and how important it is to firmly believe in ourselves to fulfill our dreams.