Wе are very excited to announce that we have reached another milestone on our journey to bring digital transformation to companies around the globe.

Our Anaplan team has completed another challenging project successfully. The project resulted in improvements to the entire workflow of a client for setting sales targets and calculating sales bonuses. Although the project was challenging due to many factors such as complex sales structure and especially its continuously expanding scope, our team improved not only our client’s sales incentives process but also increased the efficiency for all the systems that were using the data.

We are very grateful for the positive feedback from our clients:

]“Of course, the process improved. It takes much less time as all the information is already in the system. Now it’s quite easy to have all the info and check figures with other programs.”

You can read the whole Case Study regarding the project here.


About us:

B EYE empowers business users by transforming the data deluge into meaningful insights. We combine the ingenuity of our team with cutting-edge Business Intelligence and Planning technologies to bring digital transformation to companies. We approach every project with great care, considering the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, if you want to reach the full potential of your sales incentive plan, we can be your trustful partner.

About Anaplan

Anaplan is a cloud-based, connected planning platform, which enables organizations to accelerate decision making by connecting data, people, and plans across the business. Once the data is uploaded to the Anaplan cloud, the business users could quickly organize and analyze disparate sets of enterprise data from finance, human resources, sales and other business operation areas. With Anaplan, companies can analyze the impact of changes in all areas of activities as well as measure how different decisions affect each of them.