The leader in data discovery Qlik is announcing the new version of Qlik Sense which will be available for customers and partners by the end of June 2018. B EYE had the chance to participate in the process of technical testing of the new capabilities before putting the new version into production.

Some of the new features from the Qlik Sense June 2018 release include the following enhancements:

  • Improved app management capabilities directly from the hub interface which provide better organization of the workspace;
  • Insight advisor driven by the Qlik cognitive engine. It suggests the best insights for users to explore through auto-generated visualizations and analytics;
  • Accelerated self-service through alternative chart suggestions reducing the amount of time developers spend building visualizations;
  • Advanced authoring and publishing capabilities that bring more flexibility to the designer and give more layout control when needed;
  • Updated Expression Editor capabilities making it easier and more versatile when developers build expressions;
  • Visualization improvements including data chart suggestions and switching dimensions and measures in property panel using the drag and drop interface;
  • A new line layer added to the new map object released in April 2018;
  • 5 new connectors added to the ODBC package: Presto, Apache Drill, Apache Phoenix, Apache Spark and MongoDB;
  • New accessibility enhancements for the visually and mobility impaired: enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader tags allowing interaction with the displayed data.

The innovative visualizations and accessibility improvements bring the user and developer experience a step further. In the June 2018 release Qlik will, also, launch the first phase of multi-cloud capabilities for Qlik Sense Enterprise that give freedom of choice for data and analytics storage across multiple on-premise and cloud environments. More information can be found on Qlik’s Youtube channel.