Qlik Sense April 2018 release brought the new Qlik Cognitive Engine to the user

At the Qonnections conference in Orlando, Florida, Qlik introduced a new smart feature – the Qlik Cognitive Engine. Its main purpose is to modernize and facilitate the analytics creation experience by providing data insights and process automation throughout the whole life-cycle of the analytics in a more timely and effective manner.

The Cognitive Engine works with the data loaded into your app along with Augmented Intelligence to not only recommend data model associations for your Advanced Analytics, but also to suggest the best visualization for your data preparation. All that needs to be done is to drag and drop objects or measures onto your design canvas and the recommended visualization will appear. By doing that, Qlik Cognitive Engine uses best practices to depict data intuitively while the user can focus their efforts on gaining data insight for intelligent solutions.

The integration of AI and human intuition in the new Cognitive Engine empowers business users and brings enormous value for organizations through a more flexible data visualization solution.

“We will be doing more algorithmic research. Our goal is to build an intelligent system that can find statistically significant insights in the data with the use of algorithms. We want the system to learn from users and create a collective intelligence.”

Elif Tutuk – Head of the Cognitive Engine project at Qlik

Watch the short demo and get to know the capabilities of the new Qlik Cognitive Engine.