Public lecture by Dimitar Dekov at UNWE: Data revolution in the modern economy

A public lecture on “Data revolution in the modern economy” was delivered by the founder of B EYE Dimitar Dekov at UNWE.

The topic “Data revolution in the modern economy” was presented before students at the University of National and World Economy. The event took place on May 14th at 11 AM at the Ceremonial Hall of the university and was organized with the support of the Students Council at UNWE.

The lecture examined our place as a society in the age of information transformation and followed the stages of the Industrial revolution to depict the evolution of data throughout the years. Dimitar Dekov explained that the huge data flow has changed the way businesses operate today requiring a more insightful approach to data analysis and discovery.

Special emphasis was put on the modern Business intelligence technologies as an instrument for making more informed business decisions. Solving the data literacy gap is vital for both managers and employees – it provides career opportunities for professionals and increases operational efficiency and profitability for organizations.

The lecture concluded with a short discussion.