Opportunities for development in the Business Intelligence field

What are the opportunities for development in the Business Intelligence field

“In Bulgaria, there are many young and dynamic people with a desire to develop in different spheres, but since the Business Intelligence field is still new to them, there is a lack of trained personnel”, explained Ahinora Mladenova, HR, Know-How & Quality Lead at B EYE before JobTiger.tv.

“For this reason, the company trains and develops its specialists. Our open positions are mainly for entry-level employees – mostly for graduates or students in their final year at the university with Business/IT education, Mathematics, or Finance degree.

We are looking for ambitious people with an interest in Business Intelligence and mathematical thinking. They will be trained internally within the company according to our developed educational and training program. The program takes place during the first six months of the new employees in the company and includes mentorship, as well as a variety of training materials.”

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