Children are the future – CSR 2022

We truly believe that children are the future, and we want to invest in helping them as much as possible. As in previous years, we decided to help the  Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care “Lesichevo and the St. Marcellin School in Giasnogor (Bangladesh) so that these children can have a chance for a brighter future.


In November, we did a “steps challenge“, where every kilometer equaled one euro. Our team collectively walked 700 kilometers, which B EYE tripled and made it possible for 9 children from Bangladesh to attend school with a whole year’s expenses covered. Nine children will leave the tea plantations to study and develop their skills on their way to a brighter future. We thank Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale Onlus (FMSI) “Bright Future  for the diligence and care for these children.



These kids are very special to us, and we have been supporting them for over 4 years. Our team together with the company support bought them new clothes and necessities for the first day of school in September. Santa B EYE also brought them a lot of gifts for the Holiday season like fishing rods, dolls, and all sorts of other toys that were on the kids’ wishlists. We thought that playing outside when the weather allows will be good for the children’s health, so we bought a giant trampoline for the home’s yard.

Helping others makes us happy and we hope more people will be able to join us on this mission.

B EYE wishes everyone happy holidays, and a wonderful year ahead on us!