Alexandar Madjarov: “Though I had built relationships in England few of them were close enough to what your relatives and closest friends can give you.” 

What is your name? Alexandar Madjarov

Employer name? I work at „B EYE“ ltd.

Position? Business Intelligence Consultant – QlikView Developer & Designer

Describe your work in several sentences. 

I lead a small team of Business Intelligence consultants. Our job is mainly focused on creation, up-grade and maintenance of QlikView applications and solutions for automatic reporting of all kinds. We do infrastructure projects and software integrations. My duties include lots of communications with clients – usually from different organizational departments and positions. I involve myself also with internal rules and procedures creation and with projects for team learning and development.

Where have you studied/worked abroad?

I studied for 4 years at The University of Southampton in England. My course was a masters degree, which is the standard case with most of the engineering studies in England. I worked part-time during the last 2 years of my education. After graduation I continued to work full time at the same place, but I was actively looking for an engineering position… the full article is available in Bulgarian here.