B EYE collaborates with TU to introduce students to the wonders of BI

B EYE collaborates with TU to introduce students to the wonders of BI

By Severina Yordanova

May 10, 2019

We are very honored to work side by side with the Faculty of Management of one of the top universities in Bulgaria – The Technical University (TU).

Together we took on the challenge to introduce their second-year students, pursuing the “Management and Business Information Systems” track, to the field of Business Intelligence (BI).

We discussed with them some of the most important aspects of what BI is and how it affects the current business environment. We walked them through the basics, starting with the history of BI through what really means to be a BI consultant, how to communicate, and understand your clients to how to design outstanding visualizations. We also present to them, two of the world’s leading BI platforms – QlikView and Qlik Sense, sharing various tips and tricks on how it can help them in their professional development. Soon, we are also going to introduce them to the benefits and importance of “Business Modelling & Planning” as well as one of the leading platforms in the sphere – Anaplan.

We are very grateful to the staff of the Technical University and especially to the Associate Professor Orlin Marinov, who madе such a wonderful initiative happen. Our most sincere wish is to share with more and more young professionals our passion for BI and let them discover why it is so rewarding to start a career in BI.

Our lecturers’ thoughts about the initiative: 

Dimitar Dekov

“We are all passionate about what we do and one of our missions is to help educate a generation of data literate people, who will one day lead the transformation of our country. We can see how today’s technological and data illiteracy negatively affects the modern business environment in Bulgaria and hinders its progress. Thus, I firmly believe that the success of our country will come once the next generation takes over.”

Mihail Tsenev

“As young professionals we have all experienced the divergence between what we study at university and what is in fact required and valued by the corporate world. I am honored to be able to help in bridging that gap by teaching Business Intelligence to some of the top students of the Technical University of Sofia.  Seeing such energy and desire to learn in those young students makes me hopeful for the next generation of IT professionals. I am glad our company dedicated time, one of the most valuable resources of today, to help shape the workforce of tomorrow. I hope that more Bulgarian companies follow in our footsteps and work alongside us for a stronger sector altogether.”

Rujena Kocheva

“It was very exciting for me to share my experience with the students of TU. As the students were taking a glimpse at the exciting world of Business Intelligence for the very first time through us, it was a great responsibility to build solid foundations for their future development in this field. However, I think the initiative was very useful for both the students and us. They had the opportunity to touch a realistic case study, and we – to share our knowledge and put them through a serious test. I believe that this is the right direction for the development of the higher education in our country, and as a person who is still studying, I am grateful to the dedicated and progressive lecturers.”

Stefan Popov

“I was honored to be part of B EYE’s lecturer’s team. I hope that the initiative will inspire many future young professionals towards the path of business consulting.”

Alexandаr Madjarov

“This initiative was a great opportunity to reach young and motivated students and introduce them to practical skills that are relevant not only to leading platforms like QlikView and Qlik Sense but to Business Intelligence as a whole. For us as professionals, it was a useful experience to further our lecturing and knowledge-sharing skills – something we value highly in B EYE.”

Stoyan Terziev

“Needless to say, I was thrilled by the students’ passion for technology and their drive to learn. They were a sharp audience with high expectations and without any doubt – full of great potential.”

Kristina Zhelyazkova

“I am very pleased to work in a company focused on materializing the meaning of the words Corporate Social Responsibility. Our latest initiative to teach students from the Technical University of Sofia allowed us to share with them know-how accumulated over years of practice. Meeting such bright students was really inspiring and fulfilling for us.

I truly believe that having more companies unite with the universities and participate in the lives of the young generation will have strong positive impact not only on them as individuals, but also on the Bulgarian society and economy as a whole.”


The Technical University, based in Sofia, is the largest technical university in Bulgaria. Founded in 1945, it was the first and largest polytechnic center and supported the establishment of most of the higher technical colleges in the country. Nowadays, the university sets educational standards and national priorities for the development of engineering education and science.