I chose a career in Bulgaria: Alexandar Madjarov

I lead a small team of Business Intelligence consultants. Our job is mainly focused on creation, up-grade and maintenance of QlikView applications and solutions for automatic reporting of all kinds.
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B EYE Support hits over 4000 tasks in 2017

The growing B EYE support team have sent over 6000 emails to clients to tackle over 4000 tasks last year. Additionally, the team have granted around 2500 licenses to new users in over 100 countries and solved more than 600...
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B EYE staff doubles in a year

2017 was a very successful year for B EYE. Besides the numerous projects and new markets entries, our company doubled its staff from 20 to 40 people. We were proud to introduce a brand-new marketing department and hire totally over...
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Model optimization by a whole 25%?

Efficiency goes up, costs go down! B EYE team did a major optimization of a key Anaplan model for a customer in the medical industry. The model that was built in 2016 grew significantly in size, which incurred more space costs.
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The first Embedded Qlik Sense Dashboard goes live

October 16th 2017 marks the date when the first Qlik Sense application went live on the SalesForce.com instance of one of B EYE’s largest corporate clients from the medical device sector.
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