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Our AI-powered analytics solutions can empower your supply chain with the agility and efficiency needed to drive business growth and capture new market opportunities. 

Our Expertise

How We Support Market Leadership with
Supply Chain Analytics

At B EYE, we specialize in transforming supply chain operations with data-driven insights. Our expertise in analytics equips businesses to navigate complex supply chain dynamics, optimize logistics, and respond promptly to market shifts.

We offer solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks, leveraging AI, machine learning, and cloud technologies.

Our commitment to delivering actionable insights empowers our clients to achieve supply chain excellence and establish market leadership. 

What We Do

Our Supply Chain Analytics Services

  • Data Strategy Consulting
    Develop a comprehensive data strategy to optimize supply chain efficiency, enhance transparency, and mitigate risks, ensuring data-driven decisions across the supply chain.   
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  • Cloud Migration Services
    Facilitate the migration of supply chain operations to the cloud for real-time data accessibility, improved collaboration, and enhanced scalability in supply chain management. 
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  • Data Management
    Implement effective data management practices to ensure accuracy and reliability of supply chain data, crucial for inventory management, demand forecasting, and logistical operations.  
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  • Enterprise Data Architecture
    Build a robust data architecture that integrates data across various supply chain stages, from procurement to distribution, for streamlined operations and better decision-making.  
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  • Data Analytics
    Utilize advanced data analytics to gain insights into supply chain performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize logistics for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
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  • Data Governance
    Establish strong data governance to maintain data quality, ensure regulatory compliance, and secure sensitive supply chain information.    
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  • Data Engineering & Integration
    Integrate disparate data sources within the supply chain ecosystem, enhancing data flow and analytics capabilities for comprehensive supply chain insights. 
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  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
    Implement EPM tools for strategic planning, performance measurement, and resource optimization in supply chain operations. 
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  • Robotic Process Automation
    Leverage RPA to automate repetitive supply chain tasks like order processing, inventory updates, and tracking shipments, increasing operational efficiency. 
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  • AI Strategy Consulting
    Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance supply chain forecasting, automate complex decision-making, and improve demand planning accuracy. 
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  • Machine Learning
    Apply machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics in supply chain management, optimizing logistics and reducing operational risks. 
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  • 24/6 Support Services 
    Our dedicated support team is available round the clock, six days a week, to address any issues or queries you may have, ensuring uninterrupted, efficient operations. 
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Our services are flexible to work with multiple tech tools, guaranteeing solutions that are precisely tailored to your business environment. 

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Leverage our data-driven solutions to optimize your workflow and achieve superior financial results.

Our Approach

Experience Supply Chain Analytics with B EYE

Project Ownership

We take full responsibility for each project, aligning closely with your goals from start to finish. Our team focuses on delivering business value through a well-defined strategy and timeline.

A man and a woman are collaboratively working on a laptop, engaged in B EYE's enterprise performance management (EPM) services. They are smiling and appear to be discussing a positive outcome or strategy. The setting is a bright, naturally lit office with large windows and a calm atmosphere, indicative of a modern workplace. The presence of multiple computer screens and office supplies suggests a productive environment where business performance and metrics are analyzed and managed.


We prioritize clear communication and detailed updates, ensuring full transparency throughout the project. You’ll always be informed about project progress, unforeseen issues, and any necessary adjustments to the plan or costs.


Our goal is to deliver clear, measurable outcomes that boost your efficiency and innovation. We transform data into actionable insights that drive impactful results.

The Industries we Serve

B EYE specializes in helping Fortune 500 companies across industries achieve their goals.

Our expertise transforms complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions.

How We Work

Supply Chain Analytics Best Practices

Integrated Data Systems for Visibility

Integrate data across all supply chain stages for complete visibility, enabling better coordination and responsiveness. 

Predictive Analytics for Proactive Management

Employ predictive analytics for identifying potential supply chain disruptions early, allowing for proactive management and contingency planning. 

Real-Time Analytics for Agility

Implement real-time analytics to quickly adapt to supply chain changes, enhancing agility and responsiveness to market demands. 

Customer-Centric Analytics Approach

Focus analytics on understanding customer needs and preferences to align supply chain processes accordingly for increased customer satisfaction. 

Sustainable Supply Chain Practices

Use analytics to identify opportunities for sustainability, reducing environmental impact while maintaining efficiency. 

Collaborative Data Sharing

Foster a culture of data sharing among supply chain partners for improved collaboration and decision-making. 

Our Advantage

Why Companies Choose Us


With over a decade of delivering exceptional data and consulting services, B EYE has become a trusted partner to Global Fortune 500 companies across industries. Our collaborations with NYSE and NASDAQ-listed companies, predominantly in Western Europe and the USA, have deepened our understanding of diverse business landscapes.

Two professional men in business attire displaying B EYE expertise as they intently review data on a digital tablet. One points at the screen, guiding the analysis, while the other looks on attentively. They are seated at a meeting table with a laptop, a glass of water, a cup of coffee, and documents with graphs and charts spread out, indicative of a detailed business analytics session.

Dedicated Team

Our team consists of professionals who are not only at the top of their technical game but also possess the soft skills necessary to collaborate effectively with clients.

A team of three B EYE professionals working on data management in an office setting. The man in the foreground, to the right, is pointing to a computer screen while holding a pen, suggesting he's explaining or analyzing data. He's dressed in a business shirt and tie. To his left, a focused female colleague in a black blazer attentively observes the screen, leaning forward to better view the content being discussed. Another female colleague stands in the background, participating in the discussion. The environment suggests a collaborative workspace with modern office equipment and documents spread on the desk, indicating a data-driven work session.

Project Delivery

We prioritize precision, efficiency, and clear communication in our project delivery. Our agile methodologies are tailored to each client’s needs, we adapt quickly and ensure projects are completed with the highest standards. 

A collaborative team of five professionals engaged in project delivery, showcasing B EYE's commitment to teamwork and expertise. Gathered around a white table in a bright office setting, they are focused on laptops and tablets, reviewing documents with charts and texts. Each member contributes to the discussion, pointing at data and sharing insights, embodying a hands-on approach to delivering client solutions.

Driving Business Growth

Our ultimate goal is to stimulate business growth for our partners. Leveraging in-depth experience and data-driven strategies, we uncover efficiencies and new growth opportunities. 

Three business professionals are seated at a table, engaged in a strategic meeting focused on business growth, embodying B EYE's commitment to advancing client objectives. The individual in the center, presumably leading the discussion, holds a digital tablet and is gesturing towards the screen, illustrating a point. His colleagues, a man and a woman, attentively review the content, with the woman pointing to a particular detail on the screen. They are dressed in formal business attire, and the setting suggests a productive and collaborative atmosphere with papers and a glass of water on the table, symbolizing a fluid exchange of ideas.

Case Studies

Witness the difference we’ve made in transforming our clients’ operations.

Logistics Analysis

Production and Supply Chain Risk Diversification

Inventory Risk Management

Supply Chain Analytics FAQs

Data analytics optimizes inventory management by analyzing sales patterns, market trends, and historical data to predict future demand accurately. This approach enables just-in-time inventory practices, minimizing overstocking and understocking issues.

Analytics can also identify optimal inventory levels, reduce holding costs, and improve order fulfillment rates, contributing to overall supply chain efficiency. 

AI plays a significant role in enhancing supply chain forecasting by processing vast datasets to predict future trends and demand with higher precision. It can analyze complex patterns, including seasonal variations and market shifts, to provide accurate forecasts.

AI algorithms can also incorporate real-time data, like current sales trends and external factors, to adjust forecasts dynamically, aiding in responsive supply chain planning. 

Cloud migration offers scalability, real-time data accessibility, and collaboration benefits crucial for modern supply chain operations. It enables integration of various supply chain systems, providing a unified platform for tracking and managing the supply chain end-to-end. The cloud also supports advanced analytics tools, allowing for real-time decision-making and increased supply chain visibility. 

Yes, RPA can lead to significant efficiency improvements in supply chains by automating routine tasks like data entry, order processing, and invoice generation. This automation reduces manual errors, speeds up processing times, and frees up human resources for strategic tasks, thereby improving overall supply chain efficiency. 

Data governance in supply chain analytics ensures the accuracy, consistency, and security of supply chain data. It involves establishing policies for data handling and usage, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of supply chain decisions. Effective data governance also ensures compliance with regulatory standards and secures sensitive supply chain information. 

Generative AI is proving to be a game-changer in the supply chain sector, delivering significant ROI across various dimensions. A standout benefit is in productivity enhancement.  

For instance, GenAI boosts software engineering processes, with some companies witnessing up to a 30% improvement in productivity. It’s not just about quicker outputs; it’s about smarter, more efficient workflows.  

Process enhancement is another ROI area. GenAI excels in streamlining S&OP meeting preparations and summaries. By analyzing transcripts, documents, and other data, GenAI synthesizes crucial information to propose supply-demand scenarios and outline actionable plans post-meeting. This not only streamlines the supply chain but also liberates days worth of employee time.  

GenAI also transforms how companies interact with their BI tools. Instead of manually navigating through reports, GenAI enables intuitive, natural language interactions. Users can ask direct questions, get insights, and even troubleshoot issues, making decision-making more dynamic and informed.  

Lastly, decision explainability is a critical ROI driver. In supply chain, where complex algorithms and models are the norms, GenAI can bring a layer of transparency. Understanding the ‘why’ behind recommendations enhances adoption and leverages existing technology investments more effectively.  

GenAI adoption is not uniform across supply chain functions. Two areas currently leading are sourcing and procurement, and manufacturing.  

In sourcing and procurement, the abundance of data and documents makes GenAI an ideal tool for synthesizing and summarizing key points, aiding in decision-making and compliance. Manufacturing is focusing on improving frontline worker productivity and experience by providing insights in an easily understandable format.   

Absolutely! A notable example is in planning, where AI and ML improve demand forecasting. Here, GenAI plays a role in augmenting human decision-making, enabling planners to query and understand AI recommendations better. This synergy not only boosts ROI but also enhances planner productivity.  

Guidance should be specific and aligned with broader enterprise policies. Instead of vague instructions, clear use-case guidelines and dos and don’ts are crucial. Additionally, having clear disclosure policies helps manage risks and errors effectively.  

The primary challenge is managing the risk of GenAI misuse, which can lead to misinformation and its cascading effects. Addressing societal concerns like deepfakes and hallucinations is crucial in overcoming adoption barriers.  

Content generation and augmentation, particularly in sourcing and procurement, stand out. GenAI’s ability to synthesize vast amounts of supplier data into actionable insights is proving invaluable, showcasing immediate productivity gains. 

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