The challenges

Cryptocurrencies and FinTech are just part of the new technologies that are currently restructuring the financial services sector. Business Intelligence (BI) technologies with analytics for Big Data visualization & analysis along with omnichannel banking are now a necessity in the whole industry around the world. Soon, banks and other financial institutions that do not implement these new technologies will face numerous competitive disadvantages and will struggle in an environment of constantly emerging challenges based on technological innovations.

One of the fastest new technologies that financial organizations can and do benefit from is BI. These technologies can collect all their data and prepare it for analytics and visualizations in order to provide a whole new way of looking at the same information and reveal the whole story hidden inside.

The Qlik platform

B EYE develops Business Intelligence applications for the financial industry based on the Qlik platform. Unlike the traditional BI systems, Qlik functions in a fast and agile manner for which it is considered to be leading BI provider worldwide in the recent years. Qlik applications can be used equally well for decision making of strategic importance and high-level management as well as everyday decisions with a lower priority by the lower level personnel. Some advantages the Qlik platform offers compared to traditional BI systems include: Freedom of data exploration on every level of the analysis process, through dynamic interactive interface. Answers to all the questions in real time. Ease of understanding the whole data connections between key indicators and data bases. Immediate visualization of the effect of adding or removing a single data or a group of data.

Currently, Qlik based solutions for BI purposes are used by 31,000 companies in 100 countries, including:

  • 47 of the world’s top 50 bank institutions.
  • All of the top 20 biggest financial services companies in the USA and EMEA.
  • 15 of the world’s top 15 banks.
  • 5 of the world`s top 5 insurers.
  • 10 of the world`s top 10 brokers on the capital markets.
  • 20 of the top 20 investment banks with over 40,000 users.
  • Over 1,800 commercial banks.


Over 2,500 financial services companies count on Qlik to enable their business leaders and operational users have on their side powerful instruments for analysis. Qlik is the leading platform for Data Discovery (development and utilization of interactive reports and analysis of data coming from numerous random sources) that enables users to choose the exit data parameters. Some of the key benefits of using BI technologies, based on Qlik in the financial industry include:

  • Provide your financial professionals with the most relevant and up-to-date information to enable them to make informed decisions.
  • Eliminate the need to work with numerous products in different markets which simplifies analytical tasks.
  • Make information easily accessible through self-service and discover where the profits come from and where risks lay.
  • Obtain high transfer, payment, transaction and branch activities visibility.
  • Give analytical insights to every function in your organization.
  • Make data available to everybody to enable teamwork and collaboration and ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Let the branch managers discover which customers are generating profits and offer them more products and better services.
  • Give the risk managers tools to find out the global exposures and credits quality at a glance in a matter of seconds.
  • Enable the CFOs and Treasurers to determine which products provide the best returns with the lowest risk and which products do not perform that well in order to alleviate their ongoing challenges to manage balance sheets and improve working capital.
  • Streamline operations and IT to minimize costs.
  • Meet regulatory compliance and manage risk.
  • Increase staff productivity and discover new business opportunities.
  • Take the best decisions by having information on time which is achieved by reducing the monthly sales reports generation time from days to hours.
  • Bring in different data sources and link them to discover gaps and use BI tools as an important source to help you make decisions for the future.

World`s leading insurance companies are empowered by Qlik applications to take more profitable and less risky decisions. They leverage on Qlik to:

  • Make pricing more accurate to optimize win rates
  • Look for patterns in claims to discover fraud and analyze every aspect of consumer behaviour and customer relationships.
  • Analyze claims cost and fraud against location Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Analyze the key indicators on loss ratios and claims and find out how to reduce the claims cycle.
  • Offer the right products to the right customers at the most appropriate time.
  • Analyze premiums and adjustments, compare ledgers and review sales.

Securities and investments

With Qlik, securities and investment companies can improve their understanding of market and credit risks and intra-day liquidity. They can also identify cost reduction opportunities, manage costs and maximize effectiveness and trading profitability. Qlik applications can enable companies to analyze their portfolio and multi asset class investment performance, provide external clients with powerful self-service analytics and optimize trade-life-cycles and streamline operations. Other benefits include:

  • Evaluate and make quick adjustments to your trading strategies.
  • Keep track of other parties and collateral.
  • Analyze capital requirements.
  • Analyze global exposures across multiple products and optimize your hedging strategies.
  • Quickly react to regulatory inquiries and manage submissions.