Financial Services

Financial Services need to change and adapt the traditional business models to a better client-centric approach focused on improved customer experience, more value-added services, and higher efficiency.

We at B EYE are ready to empower Banks and Financial organizations on their digital transformation journey with the development of holistic data solutions including visual data analytics applications, pixel-perfect dashboards, and on-time management reports. In order to do that we utilize the Qlik and Anaplan platforms – top-ranked data analytics and modeling tools that provide enterprise-class performance, security, and business agility.

In more details, our financial services include:

  • Data strategy roadmap design and development
  • Data governance procedures alignment
  • Data democratization and BI self-service approach implementation
  • Data Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) from various legacy systems and data sources including data warehouse systems, core banking, ERP, CRM, and even Excel files
  • Data cleansing and data preparation
  • Visual data analytics application design and development
  • Management and operational reports distribution automation

We employ agile and transparent practices to ensure the best
customer experience and results. Our services can help companies with:

Flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, continuous improvement and rapid adaption to change

Faster time to market and quick results against competitors

Meeting regulatory compliance and manage risk

B EYE Empowers Growth Through Data-Driven Decision Making

360-degree customer view analytics

Our BI and Planning applications can help financial organizations embrace the customer-centric approach by analyzing customer data and delivering new-value added products and services to the client base.

Agile and Transparent Approach

To support customer data-driven strategies, we implement an agile development approach in all our projects. This way, we help the customer to control the project risk, optimize the budget, and keep a short timeline while getting quick results and gains based on data analytics.

Professional team of data experts

Our team members have attained some of the highest technical certification levels for the platforms that we work with, including several of them are Master Anaplanners. They have a proven track record of success with over 200 completed data projects.

Business Functions

We can help you with all key business issues in all major departments:

  • Finance & Revenue Cycle

    • Better manage cash and working capital, gain insight into P&L
    • Streamline planning, budgeting, and financial reporting
    • Give the risk managers tools to find out the global exposures and credit quality at a glance in a matter of seconds
    • Obtain high transfer, payment, transaction and branch activities visibility

  • Sales

    • Analyze customer profile and propose new value-added upselling products and services
    • Identify top-performing sales representatives and gain better insights into the market trends
    • Efficiently calculating sales bonuses and managing sales incentives schemes

  • Marketing

    • Define better-targeted customer offerings based on a 360-degree point of view on the customers
    • Discover which customers are generating profits and offer them more products and better services
    • Enable the CFOs and Treasurers to determine which products provide the best returns
    • Evaluate marketing campaigns and optimize them for achieving better results

  • Legal

    • Meet regulatory compliance and manage risk.
    • Prevent fraud by enabling earlier detection of fraudulent claims.
    • Optimize the claims management processes, minimizing losses, and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Financial Services