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"The best things about B EYE is the technical expertise of their team and their business processes understanding." - International demand management director


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Project Summary

We developed an Anaplan model that connects, evaluates, and revises our client’s time-phased projections for any changes in production and also helps track and organize their strategic projects and the financial plans that come with them.

Straightforward communication

Technical expertise of the team

Business processes understanding

Meet our client, a reputable Demand Management Director of a multinational medicine company boasting a century of industry experience. Faced with the intricacies of an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) project, they sought B EYE’s expert services to navigate the challenges. The result? A streamlined planning process, enhanced data analytics, and stakeholder consensus like never before.

The Story of Our Valued Client

Our client is a leading multinational medicine company at the forefront of its industry for over a hundred years. They continuously aim to improve their services and solutions, committed to addressing the evolving needs of their global customer base. The company is renowned for its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative spirit, evident in its successful ventures and industry milestones.

The Challenge of Integrated Business Planning

The client was met with a significant challenge – managing multiple Anaplan models as part of their Integrated Business Planning project. They aimed to reach a single, unifying operating plan to efficiently utilize resources and meet customers’ needs. However, the complex process of integrating demand and financial planning needed a specialist’s touch.

Why Our Client Chose B EYE

After a strong recommendation from a dependable colleague who had previously worked with B EYE, the client decided to engage with us for a small initial project. Impressed with our expertise, agility, and swift delivery, they felt confident to extend our collaboration to their ongoing IBP project.

B EYE’s Agile Approach to IBP Implementation

Upon engagement, B EYE rolled up its sleeves and got to work. Through a series of workshops, we gathered user stories, aligned on different IBP process parts’ needs, and developed wireframes and mock-ups. We maintained constant communication, reviewing progress and adjusting the scope to ensure we built models that met the project’s evolving needs.

The Results

Through our joint efforts, we achieved a consensus on a single operating plan, eliminating debates and enhancing focus on execution. With features enabling Daily and Weekly opportunity planning, the client could respond to changing scenarios swiftly, even amidst the global COVID pandemic. Additionally, the detailed commercial/operational sales reports generated for the finance teams facilitated a more granular review of the P&L process and sales rolling forecast.

Nothing speaks louder than the praise from our contented client. Read the full review to understand the full scope of our service impact.

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