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We developed a dashboard for our client, so they can have a one-stop-shop for all their financial and consumer data. Our solution helped improve the company’s data quality as well as save them lots of time previously spent in data crunching, which is now focused on analyzing and insight generation.

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We had this client, a consumer goods company, which was having noticeable issues with their current reporting system. They were spending too much time crunching the data they gathered, instead of analyzing it, which was becoming more of an issue with each passing day. Additionally, their current software was reportedly time-consuming to use and inefficient when it came to insight gathering. Enough was enough! So, they turned to us to request a unifying solution that would allow them to easily manage, track, and analyze their data all in one place.

We quickly delivered on their initial requirements by developing a dashboard in Qlik Sense, which would not only easily satisfy the unifying aspect of the request but also the data transformation as well. Generating insights would become a breeze with our solution, but we wanted to give our client more. We wanted to help them improve their processes completely, so we went on to develop some more additions like different levels of transparency depending on your department or company position. Additionally, we added reporting capabilities and, later on, forecasting ones so that our client was prepared for anything.

Nothing speaks louder than the praise from our contented client. Read the full review to understand the full scope of our service impact.

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