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"The B EYE team did a good job aligning the goals and processes between the technical and the business teams." - Senior supply chain manager


Life science

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Inventory planning



Project Summary

Our team created a dashboard that helps our client automatically calculate the optimal inventory targets for their finished goods, raw materials, and other stock. This solution helped them save time and effort and also introduced a more flexible decision-making process within the company.

In-depth knowledge in supply chain

Profound understanding of the business

Outstanding technical skills

Initially, a client of ours, a global Life Science company, was having trouble determining the optimal stack and store inventory numbers for their warehouse stock. They needed an easy and reliable way to automatically calculate them, so they could make the most out of the available space. Usually, this wouldn’t be too much of a challenge, but this client had stock in multiple warehouses at different locations with varying proportions. So, it was clear that our developers would have to push their coding, math, and optimization skills to the limit.

In the end, our developers managed to make a dashboard that automatically calculated all of our client’s inventory stock using the data gathered from various systems and files. With this solution at hand, they were able to save a lot of time manually doing these calculations, as well as get timely data for all their current and future decisions. This solution was particularly useful during the COVID pandemic since it helped them deal with the uncertainty of the whole situation and will likely be a great boon for any similar unexpected future events.

Nothing speaks louder than the praise from our contented client. Read the full review to understand the full scope of our service impact.

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