Warehouse Capacity Projection Analysis

Optimize warehouse storage spacing and increase capacity while cutting additional expenses

Optimize warehouse space

Save on additional expenses


Our client, a life sciences company, produces a high volume of products. As they don’t own warehouses, they rent the storage space in already established warehouses. The challenge that our client was faced with was the lack of information. The warehouses, where our client rented the space, did not have accurate reporting in place but kept requesting our client to pay for more storage space.  Our client wanted to understand whether their storage space was being used as efficiently as possible, before agreeing to rent more space. They already knew the size of their products and needed to find a solution to inspecting and optimizing the current storage space.



We combined data from multiple sources in a multifunctional dashboard. The sources included the client’s ERP system, which holds their current inventory, a forecasting system, and multiple Excel files that the client provided. Our client already knew the shapes and sizes of their own product boxes, so coupled with the data from the ERP systems our developers could see how many products could efficiently fit per pallet using the dashboard, our client could inspect the real-time capacity of each of their warehouse sites. They could also check which location would be best to store their different products based on inventory projection, size, and availability. This allowed our client to answer questions like whether they needed to negotiate additional capacity for the future, or how to best stack and store their products per pallet. This was possible due to the forecasting capabilities that we added to the dashboard.


Generally, warehouses would like you to buy more space from them, so there’s always the risk that they don’t organize your products as efficiently as possible. Our client was able to prove that their already purchased space was enough and could be better utilized. They reported that they managed to save money from further unnecessary expenses and shared that the warehouses had to make the reorganizations according to our dashboard suggestions.