Tracking the Full Patient Journey

Track the full patient journey in any partnered medical center, from diagnosis to treatment to outcome

Drill down to different procedure levels

Track and analyze treatment outcomes

Get the most out of patient feedback

2% monthly increase in procedure efficacy


Many hospitals still use some kind of EHR system along with Excel to store and pass around data. Well, our client, a global healthcare company, was no different in this regard. They had too much data on their hands, and it was getting harder and harder to work with and utilize most of it. In particular, they needed a better way to utilize the post-procedure surveys, which their patients filled out. So, our client reached out to us to see if we could deliver a solution that could offer both a broader and a simpler overview of their patient journey.



Well, our solution managed to do just that – analyze the complete patient journey, from entry to dismissal. By placing all their available data in one easy-to-access dashboard, our client could track overall statistics on therapy or product performance and find the cases where therapies do not yield desirable results. Furthermore, they could drill down into the treatment outcomes in different clinics or even down to the procedure level. With all the data in one place, our client could easily analyze changes in their patients’ experiences based on the results of the patient survey analysis.


Through our solution, our client managed to improve and better allocate therapies, products, and procedures, which resulted in an increase in patient happiness and satisfaction. The solution also contributed to an efficacy increase of 2% per month. Additionally, the app’s easy-to-use nature helped our client to integrate it faster within their workflow and assisted in getting better results faster.