Tracking and Recalling Faulty Units

Ensure timely recalling of faulty units before they reach the customer

Tracking and Recalling Faulty Units

Streamlined data-gathering process

Unified Excel data formatting


Devices are being manufactured all the time in the life science industry, which allows for a bigger possibility of a bad or faulty batch. In such cases, the vendor usually tries to recall as much of the batch products as possible. Without a quick and efficient way to do this, faulty products may reach the customer and cause serious harm. Our client, working in this same industry, wanted to have a way to speed up the recollection process. We came to us for a solution to locate the faulty products, write up a detailed and informative recall letter, and replace the product with a functioning one as soon as possible.



Our solution streamlined the client’s manufacturing and delivery process so that they could easily fetch and review data from different systems in one place. They could create reports through our dashboard that had a preset template, which saved time organizing the data and provided a unified standard to work on. This way, users could effortlessly make notes and check batches. Additionally, our dashboard had notifications set up so that the QA team would be notified of any issues throughout the process. This solution worked hand in hand with another one of ours – the Track and Trace dashboard – which in tandem helped the QA team make comprehensive lists of all the affected products and quickly react to issues.


With the Field Safety solution, our client was able to get a better and more detailed overview of their product data – transactions, whereabouts, batches, etc. By streamlining the process of gathering the data and making it easier to compose the reports, our client managed to save a lot of time and effort. Training new employees to go through this process has also been facilitated with our dashboard. They don’t need to worry about correctly formatting the data because our report system does that while extracting. Thus, the whole process is easy to understand.