Robotic Process Automation for HR

Eliminate the manual work and human error in your recruitment process with the help of RPA

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Fully automate your repetitive tasks

Schedule the RPA bot to work at preferred times

Eliminate the human error factor

2 hours saved per day


Generally, one would assume that, since an HR team’s responsibilities are more focused on communication and employee wellbeing, they won’t benefit much from process automation. And yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A client of ours understood this and decided to do something about the hundreds of hours that were spent each month on manual tasks that didn’t bring much value. Their HR team was using JIRA to record and process all applicants, and this seemed like a great place to start since it involved a lot of adjusting and filling in fields. So, they contacted us to check whether their workflow could be automated in some way.



Our answer came in the form of a robotic process automation (RPA) solution that dealt with all the manual work. We let a bot extract the relevant information from the incoming CVs and fill it in our client’s JIRA instance. Additionally, the bot sanitized the data, if needed, and checked for any duplicate entries of that same candidate. Furthermore, the RPA bot ran on a time-based schedule, so the HR team didn’t need to worry if they remembered to enable it.


Before our solution, our client’s HR team used to process a ticket in around 10 minutes, but with the help of our RPA bot, the tickets get processed in about 2 minutes. This minor managed to save the team around 2 hours per day, which they could use to do more valuable tasks. Our solution also provided flawlessly populated tickets and reduced the human error element greatly. And finally, since the bot ran on a schedule, the HR team could directly focus their attention on progressing new job candidates through the key stages of the recruitment process.

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