Redefining Marketing Visibility for a Tech Innovator

Our marketing dashboard blends user-friendly design with in-depth analytics, offering a clear picture of your campaigns. Adjust your strategies on the fly and see tangible results. 

Marketing Dashboard

User-Centric Design 

Adaptable Strategy Implementation 

A Joint Venture of Know-How and Vision 

We had the chance to work with a leading tech company responsible for helping numerous businesses stay on the cutting edge.

They tapped into B EYE’s expertise in data analytics and planning, aiming to revamp their marketing and campaign reporting. Together, we created a dashboard that didn’t just present data but did it in style. 

Our Client’s Tech Journey 

Our client is all about empowering businesses through technology. They’ve won the trust of many, helping over 1,500 software firms and millions of developers make their mark. 

Their trust in us came from past experiences. They knew we could handle this project’s unique challenges and, once again, deliver what was needed.  

Тhe Challenge

From Data Integration to Valuable Insights 

Growing and adapting to new systems, our client wanted a clearer view of their marketing data. They imagined a dashboard that could provide that clarity. Knowing the challenge ahead, they teamed up with us to bring that vision to life. 


The Solution

Crafting the Optimal Marketing Dashboard 

Our focus was clear: understand what the client really needed and then design a dashboard that was both functional and looked good. Despite hiccups like data migration delays, our team overcame the challenge, creating a tool that surpassed our client’s hopes.  

The Insights

B EYE’s Dashboard Deliverables

Through the lens of our dashboard, our client unlocked: 

1. Comprehensive Campaign Overview: 

  • Distribution of members by campaign type 
  • Detailed campaign member reports 
  • Breakdown of members by campaign location 
  • Analysis of company sizes represented in campaigns 
  • Status insights: campaign member and contact statuses 

2. Account-Specific Campaign Data:  

  • Overview of campaigns linked to specific accounts 
  • Insights on campaign types, products, and accounts
  • Deep dive into market size data and more 

3. Campaign Performance Metrics: 

  • Highlight of top-performing campaigns with the highest lead generation 
  • Analysis of campaigns that might require optimization, generating fewer leads 

4. In-depth Leads Analysis: 

  • A breakdown of lead sources 
  • Number of leads generated from specific campaigns 
  • Insights into marketing funnel conversion rates 

5. Lead Ownership Insights: 

  • Performance metrics related to lead ownership, enabling better management and allocation 

6. Comprehensive Marketing Reports:  

  • Visualization of a data-driven marketing funnel 
  • Opportunities sorted by stage of the sales process 
  • Geographic distribution of opportunities by country 

The final dashboard was more than just a tool; it was a visual journey. By aligning with the client’s brand colors, we received their heartfelt appreciation. 

Your Data, Our Skillset 

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