Post-COVID Office Reintegration

Empower teams to comfortably spend time together in the office

Improved internal processes visibility

Increased employee engagement


With the lockdowns lifted, some companies decided to introduce office reintegration policies to support a smoother transition back to the office. Even though those processes look good on paper, they ended up being ineffective for our client. They feared the reintegration policies weren’t enough to get them to a functional office environment, and they needed a way to gauge their policy’s effectiveness.



We came up with a solution that allowed our client to track how often certain teams are present in the office and to see which team leader was most effective at motivating their team to meet up in the office. The dashboard provided a high-level overview of the utilized office capacity (which was up to 50% due to the legislation) for each day of the week. This overview could also be made for all the teams, so managers could see how often every team member worked from the office and who never showed up. The data for this dashboard came from two databases – one containing the team hierarchy and the other – the office attendance. Finally, our solution was able to showcase the office attendance percentage per week so that our client would be able to see how their decisions impacted the office presence.


With the help of our solution, our client was able to implement the right measures and adjust the policies, so they could see an increase in attendance while making sure their teams are comfortable working in the office. They managed to boost the weekly visits by a margin of ~35%. Additionally, they were able to better organize and schedule third-party visits and avoid going over the 50% office capacity thanks to the reports they were generating through our dashboard.