Organizing event travel records

Eliminate the repetitive workload for your team and keep the automated processes running in the background

Faster and more accurate results

Less prone to human error


Sales representatives of our client, a global Medical Devices leader, had to enter data about all the participants in the meetings that they’ve had into SAP Concur. The participants were split into three categories: Business Guests, HCPs, and Employees. ​Often, some participants were wrongly categorized in the documents. In such cases, the manual process would require a Data Governance team to check and fix all incorrect entries. Our client understood that this was a very mind-numbing task that was more suited for a bot than an employee. So, they reached out to us to see whether this process could be automated.



Our client had a specific way to identify these wrong entry records, which was designed in a Boolean manner. Our team took that method and, with the help of UiPath’s robotic process automation (RPA), managed to transform it into a workflow suitable for a bot. We set it up to start working on this task every morning so that the team could fix any discovered issues by the end of the workday.


Using the automation that we created with UiPath, our client managed to increase their productivity and save 3 days per month by cutting the annual work out of the equation. The bot’s execution of the task was twice as fast when compared to the manual approach the employees were undertaking. And finally, this daily task was less prone to human error now when the RPA was doing it, which resulted in less back-tracking and transformed this mundane task into a quick and easy assignment for the day.