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The Sales department in any enterprise needs to be focused on one thing only – making sales. Any diversions they get could greatly hamper that goal in the long run. A client of ours understood that and wanted their Sales team to be focused 100% on preparing for and making sales. However, their employees’ attention was spread out in several daily meetings, where forecasts and approaches were discussed, and progress reports were being made. They were using several platforms and files to keep track of their workflows, which made getting the needed data for those meetings a hassle that took unnecessarily long. So, they reached out to us to see if optimization of the process workflow was possible.



Our solution came in the form of a dashboard, which took all the data from their active platforms and stored files, and aggregated it all in one easy-to-access place. This way, the client’s Sales management team could easily conduct monthly, quarterly, and yearly business reviews with their country directors, territory managers, and, of course, sales reps. With the data now being consolidated automatically, the Sales team could spend less time estimating and more time actually out and about making sales. To help with this, our solution didn’t just have what-if scenarios but also incorporated alerts and additional automations to help keep track of everything on the go.


In the end, our solution truly was a one-stop-shop for all data needs regarding daily net sales, finance forecasts, sales targets, yearly business reviews, etc. With it, our client had targets, actuals, and opportunities all in one place. This saved their Sales department around 4 days every month in forecast meetings and briefings. The forecasts offered great adjustable predictions that the sales reps could adhere to. Furthermore, our client finally had a clear and easy way to go through those periodic business reviews between the chain hierarchy of sales directors, sales managers, and sales representatives.