Key Opinion Leaders Analysis

Learn which key opinion leaders carry significant influence within their communities, and get suggestions on business growth opportunities

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Automated KOL research and analysis

Scoring system for KOL activities and most prominent influencers


In the Life Sciences industry, generating awareness about a new drug or device and creating demand is crucial for success. A client of ours had come to this realization also, but they were only investing in marketing campaigns and wanted something more – they wanted to upgrade their process in some way. After a meet-up, we realized they had a database of doctors and medical experts who were considered key opinion leaders in their area of work. We had to automate checking the list for the most prominent and influential key opinion leaders by gathering and analyzing public sources to score their activities, like publications, presentations, and overall activeness.



We built a dashboard with advanced algorithms that automatically gathered data from multiple public or internal data sources. This gave our client a full overview of the key opinion leaders’ activity. The solution is capable of founding and analyzing over 50,000 articles and thousands of authors based on just a few keywords. Our developers incorporated a name-matching logic into the dashboard to be able to allocate the right articles to the correct authors in the database since they often had their names written or abbreviated in different ways. This also resulted in the exclusion of outliers, which were most often different authors with the same name with a big time difference between publications.


With the help of our solution, our client managed to save a lot of time since researching through all the doctors and medical experts within their database was unthinkable at first. However, with the power of advanced algorithms and automation, we were also able to save them a lot of extensive effort. Finally, our scoring algorithm helped our client determine the most prominent key opinion leaders for their field. They could confidently approach them and present their products while ensuring that their time won’t be wasted, thanks to all the prior research.