Inventory Risk Management

Ensure timely deliveries and reliable inventory projections throughout the global business ecosystem

Easy to understand and navigate

Examine weeks of coverage

12 hours saved per month


Tracking the status and capacity of a warehouse is quite time-consuming, especially when you need to consider all sorts of outside factors and situations. Our client had a system in place to help them with this laborious task, however, it wasn’t very scalable, and their departments could only get data from the nearest warehouses. Enough was enough, and their supply planners wanted to have a way to view the global status of their inventory. So, they contacted us to see how we could stream all their data into one easy-to-access and easy-to-use place.



Our solution ensured that our client could observe and maintain sufficient stock of products and components for two or more months into the future. Also, it allowed early detection of backorder risks and made it possible to take timely preventive actions, ensuring on-point order delivery. This solution helped our client better manage new product delivery ramp-ups or build component availability projection scenarios, which also accounted for expiring inventory. Furthermore, this tool helped determine the current inventory costs in each warehouse and the cost per unit of all the available items within. All of this combined allowed the supply planners to make detailed and more accurate forecasts and projections.


With our Risk Management solution, our client was finally able to have a 360 view of their actively used warehouses around the globe. It allowed them to better plan their stock availability ahead of time and intercept any issues before they have any actual impact. These forecasts also help save the company’s regional and global supply planners and controllers 12 hours every month in information gathering and availability calculations. This was further supported by the fact that all the data was available in a single app with a super user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.