Integrated Business Planning 

Optimize strategic planning by connecting sales, operational, and financial processes into a transparent network of data-driven insights

Alignment between strategic goals and financial & operational activities 

Over 2 weeks of manual work saved per month 


Our client, a pharmaceutical company, had an outdated and disjointed S&OP process in place. Due to this, our client’s teams had long and desynchronized alignment processes between their departments. They used spreadsheets as the main alignment and analysis tool, which didn’t give enough information to align on the processes. 



We created a system of integrated Anaplan models for each of their departments – Demand, Supply, FP&A, and Commercial budget planning. We also implemented a statistical forecasting tool to compliment the Demand planning initiatives.  Using our Anaplan solution, the teams were now constantly communicating and providing accurate real-time information on the progress status and any updates coming along the way. The integration between the models allowed the demand planners to instantly access the supply chain analysis. They could now make data-informed decisions and generate accurate demand plans, which was then distributed to the financial controllers for a proper planning process.  We also added an enhanced reporting capability that gives both analysts and VPs the insights they need for their day-to-day decision-making, available a click away. 


We managed to reduce the consolidated S&OP process from more than 2 weeks every month to less than a week. Additionally, our client was able to get rid of the back-and-forth sending of spreadsheets and substitute it with an efficient automated process with a global access to the system. The demand planners’ and financial analysts’ time was reallocated from generating spreadsheets for HQ reports to launching a few automated processes and distributing those reports with a click of the button.