HCP Qualification Assessment

A 360 view of your HCPs’ qualifications, finished trainings, and certification status, including success rates of treatments, and operations performed

Get notified about expiring contracts

Track the training process of HCPs

Save time inspecting procedure details


The medical field constantly comes up with new and innovative products and devices that healthcare professionals (HCPs) can use to improve or save people’s lives. However, with every innovation comes a certification requirement. Our client, a global life science company, had some issues with tracking which HCP had been certified and which product contracts were still valid. They exported all their data from their Salesforce instance and stored it in Excel spreadsheets. However, the process took more time than it should since they often needed the most up-to-date data, which meant exporting everything once again and looking for the new entries or changes. So, they contacted us to try and optimize this tracking process and allow them to further observe the results of the training processes.



Our solution took the client’s Salesforce data and combined it into one easy-to-use dashboard. It offered a holistic and up-to-date view of the certification progress of the HCPs and provided details about all their operation and treatment outcomes. We’re talking about details like products used, operation location, outcome reasons, and much more. Furthermore, our solution could detect any breaches or delays in the certification process of the HCPs. Likewise, our client could also keep track of all contracts and get notified early when any were about to expire, so they could decide whether to renew or not.


In order to create this dashboard, we needed our client to spend a total of 2 days (16 hours) in meetings and UAT. The solution that came out of it now saves them a whole work week every month, that’s 40 hours every month. The team members’ time was no longer wasted on producing manual reports, and they could focus their efforts on productive and strategic activities. Additionally, management could rest assured that everyone would have access to the most up-to-date data and that there would be no one left in the dark due to man-made errors or mailing issues.