Real-time Global Sales Reporting

Get automated real-time sales performance reports and enhance your internal data analyses with custom reporting features

Real-time Global Sales Reporting - B EYE

Tracking and analysis of global sales metrics

Custom personalized reports for any business case


Does your sales team have an easy way to check various KPIs at the start of the business day? Well, they should, because it’s as important as analyzing their sales performance data afterward. A client reached out to us for this exact reason. They didn’t have any system in place to track and report all the necessary daily KPIs. They wanted us to develop a dashboard for them that would handle the tracking and analyzing bit and generate reports based on that gathered data to send to the sales reps every morning.



We delivered on that request by creating our Global Sales solution, which provided an all-in-one-platform experience for our client. They were able to easily view and analyze their sales and growth compared to past years. Our solution was also set up to send automated scheduled reports with the most important KPIs directly to every employee’s email daily. Additionally, we provided them with role-specific access to custom reports in order to accommodate their users’ individual needs on multiple levels. By providing our client with a set of filers and dimensions (like sales rep ID, account name, country, etc.), they were able to create personalized reports at any time and for any case with all the granularity and measures they require.


Not only did our client manage to track and analyze their sales with our dashboard, but they also utilized the custom reports feature to its full potential. Every employee would receive daily reports tailored to their position, goals, and needs, which allowed everyone in the company to stay on track with their performance. The custom reports played a huge part in the top-level discussion and management decision-making sessions.