Full Real-Time Inventory Visibility

A real-time overview of the potential inventory and stocking risks that can be used for any warehouse around the world

Automate your process and calculations

Utilize forecasts for better inventory planning

Save weeks of time spent in calculations


Do you struggle to have daily visibility over your inventory? Well, no need to be ashamed about it, a client of ours also did. They used to make manual exports of their inventory stock targets and status from their ERP systems. From there, they had to make calculations in Excel based on that data to get to the final score for every product in every warehouse. With those numbers, they could make comparisons with the target spreadsheets and see how their inventory stands. A lot of time and effort was spent determining which products to stock up on. In the end, they contacted us to see if their process workflow could be automated in any way.



Well, our solution took all that data sitting in ERP systems and Excel files and ensured that our client had an easy way to determine sufficient stock of components for their product bundles. Also, it allowed for early detection of backorder risks and made it possible to undertake preventive action, ensuring on-time order delivery. Furthermore, it helped manage new product delivery ramp-ups through product availability projection scenarios, which also accounted for expiring inventory. And last but not least, the fully automated nature of our dashboard solution meant that all the data extracts, calculations, and visualizations were made in no time flat.


With the help of our solution, our client saved a ton of time in data exports, manual calculations, and target comparisons, thanks to the setup automation. They used to do their inventory reports once per quarter due to their initial process’s time sink, but now they could afford to run it once per month and even once per week. Furthermore, the forecast scenarios helped improve their order planning and helped optimize their restock policy. Additionally, at any point, they could enhance the current forecasting function with machine learning to get even more accurate and data-driven insights.