Employee Certification for Production Excellence

Ensure efficient production process through a timely employee certification process  

Overview of employee certifications per product

Optimized assembly process planning


A client working in the medical devices industry approached us with an issue – they wanted to polish up their manufacturing process so that fewer products end up defective. They had courses that their employees needed to go through, and they wanted to gauge how effective they were overall. So, getting a better look at the certification process would yield valuable insights into their manufacturing process and help reduce a lost income due to product defects.



Our solution gave the client a thorough overview of their assembly activities and employee certification operations. With it, the managers could not only track the expiration dates of all their workers’ certificates but also observe how effective the certified user is at the specific product assembly tasks. Our solution helped track how fast the workers made the products during training vs. how fast they made them after the training. The policy stated that if an employee was performing well, they wouldn’t need to retake the course, but if they were still making too many defective items they were required to pass the certification again. Our dashboard was set up to send notifications indicating which employees had to renew their certificates and which ones were performing well. Our client could also track how the training was going and when the due dates were.


With the help of our dashboard, our client was able to optimize their manufacturing process and reduce the number of defective items produced. Since they could track the certifications each employee had for every item, managers could easily switch workers from one assembly line to another when necessary while still having an optimal number of certified people per production line. Our client was also able to plan out their line placements better by being able to track when the certification process of an employee would be happening.