Data-Driven Bonus System

Track the sales teams’ performance in real-time and define the bonus amounts based on real-time data

  • Data-driven bonus system - B EYE

Boosted performance and team morale

Data transparency throughout the organization


Having transparent goals and bonus systems in place is key to improving company morale and motivation. Our client had those same good intentions in mind but wasn’t completely able to implement them. They were using Excel files to distribute and showcase the Sales department’s performance every month, however, there was no system in place to check those metrics on the go or see how they compared to the currently set company goals. So, the client contacted us to offer and develop a solution that would help bring the department morale and performance up.



The solution we developed was a multifunctional analytics tool that could benefit both management and the sales workforce. It drew data directly from the client’s ERP system and let their managers quickly define bonus amounts and sales rep performance boundaries. Our solution even offered the option to drill down to the individual level of sales representatives, countries, or products and to find underperformance in seconds. With our tool, every team member could have a single source of truth, which they could access from any device. Keeping track of achievements and desired target goals on the go provided our client’s sales teams with an enhanced daily experience that boosted motivation and performance numbers.


Our solution introduced transparency into our client’s Sales department. The progress towards the company-set milestones could be checked at any time due to the easy-to-use nature of our app and its mobile version counterpart. Every manager and sales rep was always aware of what bonus they would be receiving and why. This helped morale and boosted the department’s performance by 17%.