Contract Management Dashboard

A real-time overview of the contract management system with integrated KPI tracking

Holistic view of all signed contracts

Identification of issues with signed contracts

Track amount and reasons for lost contracts


Our client was juggling multiple contracts on a daily basis. They didn’t have a system in place to help them get a clear view and track all the different contracts they go through.  They also wanted to avoid human error and ensure seamless access to the data throughout the company. They came to us for a comprehensive solution for their contact management system.


We created a dashboard that integrates several ERP systems, which contain the contract data, to give the business a holistic view of all signed contracts along with the revenue they generate. Using the dashboard, our client’s teams could easily find gaps in the system and track the contracts’ status. Now they knew in seconds whether a contract was renegotiated, reevaluated, or updated. Within the dashboard, our client could also find visual KPIs that showcased the contracts they lost to competitors and the reasons they were lost. And finally, the active contracts could be grouped up by different parameters like country or contract status for a quick inspection.


We built a solution that helped our client manage contracts effortlessly as a big enterprise. They reported significant time saving, as finding and inspecting contracts now took seconds instead of hours of searching through their many ERP systems. Our client was able to get a breakdown of their generated revenue, which helped them determine the optimal value of their products and services.