Clinical Trial Management Analysis

Enhance the clinical trial decision-making process with up-to-date data and minimal manual effort

  • Clinical Trial Management Analysis

Intuitive and perceptive design

Always working with the most up-to-date data

5 days of manual work saved per month


Our client used to export data from their CTMS and manually create and distribute reports based on it. This was done monthly and took about a whole work week to create and distribute. This presented several challenges for our client: the need to spend significant time on a repetitive and robotic task and the constraint of using outdated static data for critical decision making.



The solution we developed for our client helped them manage and better control clinical trials. The dashboard was available in real-time on both mobile and desktop for ease of use. It supported tracking every aspect of the study. The client had summary sheets with all the necessary information about active staff, institutions, studies, and progress tracking. In the dashboard, they could easily access an overview of the clinical trials, like what the enrollment status for them is and in which hospitals they are being conducted. Our client could monitor all the necessary data from our dashboard. For more detailed reports, they had access to the institutions’ address and contact info of on-site clinical specialists at their fingertips. And to ensure that our client would have a productive experience using our solution, we made a data integrity sheet that notified them if there was any missing data.


In order to create this dashboard, we needed our client to spend a total of 2 days (16 hours) in meetings and UAT. The solution that came out of it now saves them a whole work week every month, that’s 40 hours every month. The team members’ time was no longer wasted on producing manual reports, and they could focus their efforts on productive and strategic activities. Additionally, management could rest assured that everyone would have access to the most up-to-date data and that there would be no one left in the dark due to man-made errors or mailing issues.