CAPEX Dashboard

An easy and consistent way to track planned capital expenses and their deprecation

Real-time overview of the CAPEX and PO costs

Observe historical expenditure snapshots

7 days saved per month on report preparation


Capital expenses are something common in the business world, however, throughout the years, it hasn’t become any more manageable. A client of ours, for instance, was dealing with these expenditures with the help of Excel files. Initially, they started keeping a general ledger in their ERP system, but that quickly became too unruly to track consistently, so our client decided it would be best to extract the data and deal with it in Excel. With time, though, that option was also getting harder and more time-consuming to deal with due to the local file limitations. So, this client contacted us to discuss and develop a better place to analyze and visualize the capital expenses data.



Our solution was presented in the form of a dashboard that breaks down capital expense purchases by category and shows status overviews. It took all the data from the company’s ERP and PO systems and combined it in a single, easy-to-access place. The app allowed users to track planned capital expenses and deprecation costs and filter that data based on country, region, branch, etc. Furthermore, it offered “as of” functionality, which allowed our client to view the state and status of the expenditures as it was in the past month or year.


With the help of our solution, our client finally had an easy-to-access platform for all their PO and CAPEX analytical needs. With it, they saved about a week every month in report preparation. Additionally, the time-saving factor also incentivized them to run these reports more often, which led to more data-informed decisions in the financial department. Furthermore, the “as of” functionality allowed that department to make better expense planning and later even transformed it into a forecasting option.