Automated Financial Reporting

Automate the consolidation of several different internal data sources while saving time and manpower

Automated Financial Reporting - B EYE

Automated distribution of daily reports

Data-driven financial planning


Everyone wants to have a system to instantly review their sales and financial performance. Well, a recent client of ours was no different in that regard. Their setup, however, consisted of a single employee making reports in Excel by collecting and extracting the data from the company’s ERP and CRM systems. Additionally, at the end of every month, that person had to compare the data they sent out with the actuals to ensure there were no mistakes or differences. This was a very time-consuming task, and because of that, the reports sent out couldn’t even be personalized for specific users or departments – the users that had access to all the data got the same report and had to wade through it for the data they need. All of that had to change, so this client approached us and asked to combine the data from their three different platforms (CRM, ERP, and planning systems) into a single app that would help them overview their financial and sales performance and improve their reporting.



Well, our solution did just that – it provided our client with unified and complete data reports, which allowed them to explore and analyze their production without limitations. It featured an automated report distribution process for their daily net sales, which was standardized and harmonized for each country and region department. These reports were section accessed, which meant that each user received reports based on the data they had access to. And since our client had branches in different countries, they could set the reports to be in the local currency for a more accurate and straightforward analysis. Users could also easily build their own custom reports through our dashboard when they needed some additional metrics for meetings or general analyses. And, to top this all off, we implemented a forecasting option for our client’s financial sales data, with which they could now make better data-driven plans.


Our solution gave the client the unified, complete, and automated report distribution alternative they deserved. No longer would anyone have to collect and export data manually to generate daily reports when our app sent them automatically to every employee’s email. Furthermore, thanks to the setup section access, all team members could benefit from personalized reports, not just those with access to all the data. The automated nature of our dashboard also helped reduce the human error factor to a minimum and ensured all the data presented was stellar. Our solution helped improve transparency with its fast high-level overview of Actuals vs. Plan Total vs. Monthly Projections. And with the help of the forecasting options we implemented, our client could prepare to face the future backed up with all the necessary insights and predictions.