360° Product Launch Analysis

Get full visibility on all product launch-related processes and KPIs

360 product launch analytics - B EYE

What-if scenario planning and forecasting functionalities

Full visibility of performance in the target market

Alerting on current and potential product cannibalization


Collecting all the separate data throughout a new product launch is much more convenient nowadays, but what about analyzing it? Our client had systems in place to track sales reporting and observe the market share and competitor data. However, they didn’t have a place that not only collected all that data but also utilized it to get a 360o view of their product launch process and performance. So, they reached out to us to unify their data in a single dashboard and help them compare how new products are doing compared to established ones.



Our solution helped the client’s marketing team track their new products’ penetration rate and check how well they were doing against the competition. The dashboard provided them with a detailed pipeline visualization, which tracked all sales opportunities and how they were moving through the different stages of the product launch process. It enabled our client to inspect various what-if scenarios based on distinct forecast schemes so that they could make the best decision possible based on the available data. Our solution also helped them keep track of any potential or occurring product cannibalization. They could even see which centers had not purchased their products in a while, giving them a good idea of where to focus their efforts next.


Our solution gave the client the necessary tools to execute a successful product launch by allowing them to track and evaluate the whole process. We managed to give them a kind of visibility not available anywhere else and made them aware of the cannibalization that was occurring within their product lineup. Our client was able to analyze and evaluate their new products’ performance on the market and determine where they needed to focus their efforts and campaigns next.