What is there for me?

during the program.Induction program. A well-established induction program which allows a newcomer to gain basic technical skills of the software that we are working with and to enhance their soft skills in a relatively short period of time. There are certain SMART goals that need to be achieved by the newcomer during the program.

constructive feedback.Mentorship. Each of the newcomers are assigned to an experienced colleague who helps them learn and develop faster and to whom theycan address their questions. The mentor closely monitors the development of the newcomer, sets goals, gives advice whenever necessary, and provides constructive feedback.

team members, etc.Learning opportunities. A library with technical literature to which new books, manuals, and materials are added regularly; a free access to several online educational platforms that offer courses for development of technical or soft skills; classroom trainings for skill enhancement that are often delivered by more experienced team members, etc.

career path.Career path. The B EYE career path is based on the reached milestones and achievements, successful personal development, team integration and company culture adoption. The path is clearly structured and certain goals are set for each step of the person’s development. There is a performance evaluation and an assessment at each step of the career path.

competition, too.Team cooperation. At B EYE, there is a spirit of cooperation, friendship, and appreciation of each team member’s contribution to the common goal. Of course, there is some healthy competition, too.

team members.Culture. The company culture consists of B EYE values, work principles, common rules, good practices, ethics, behavior, and competences. It creates a fruitful environment in which team members work, develop their skills and potential, achieve results, and have fun. The culture is an integral part of the work life and is adopted by all team members.

Additional benefits

  • Additional health insurance.
  • Sport card.
  • Cutting edge technologies.
  • Company phone (after certain period of time).
  • New office in a modern building with excellent equipment in downtown Sofia
    (next to subway, bus and tram station).
  • Comfortable recreation area.
  • Computer & board games.
  • Free drinks.

Social events

Different company events, team buildings, and initiatives that are organized by the HR department. There are a lot of games and awards at these events.

  •  Annual team buildings outside Sofia.
  • Christmas party.
  • Easter egg dyeing event.
  • Halloween dress up event.
  • Charity events and auctions.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • And more.

  • Christmas gift cards at B EYE office
  • B EYE team building rafting event
  • B EYE team at a paintball event
  • B EYE Easter eggs

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