We are B EYE

We are B EYE

The team consists of highly motivated, hard-working, skilled, and proactive young professionals who always strive for excellence, who challenge the status quo, who are ready to help a team member, who love challenges, who gain valuable experience every day and who are eager to develop further by going the extra mile. The three terms that best relate to our team are professionalism, ambition, and team spirit.

Our Family

At B EYE, we are like a big family. We celebrate our team members’ milestones in life – such as birthdays, wedding days, graduation days, work anniversaries. We work hard together as a team and celebrate together as a family. We are looking very carefully for the right people to become part of our B EYE.

Our Company

They say, “our company is a great place to work”, although it might sound like a cliché, it is true for B EYE. B EYE is a young, fast-growing and dynamic company which invests in talent. At B EYE, we believe that in order to achieve great success, in the first place you need to have the right motivation for that, the will to go outside your comfort zone, and the ability to see the big picture. The three terms that best describe our company are achievements, determination for success, and world-class standards.

OurValuesAchievement: Consistently better than you expect!Professionalism: Agile, quick and responsive.Quality: Leading standards.Growth & Development: Transforming the Future.Going the extra mile: Determined to lead.Uniqueness: Embracing Diversity!People: Top Talents!Loyalty: Client Commitment. OurValuesGoing the extra mile: Determined to lead.Uniqueness: Embracing Diversity!Quality: Leading standards.Achievement: Consistently better than you expect!Professionalism: Agile, quick and responsive.Growth & Development: Transforming the Future.People: Top Talents!Loyalty: Client Commitment.

Our Culture

Be always on time

Deliver high quality work

Plan your day

Use the right communication channels

Put yourself in other’s shoes

Treat others with respect

Share Knowledge

Be a team player

Be proactive

Have goals

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