Before applying for any job, you must be sure that this is the field in which you would like to develop professionally. Otherwise, if you are jumping from one job to another, you will lose your time and the time of your employers; it is possible that you end up feeling unproductive, unappreciated, and unmotivated.

How to define in what area you would like to develop and grow professionally:

Step #1. Try to think about your future self in 5 years – where you would like to be, what you would like to achieve, where you would like to see yourself. Then, think about your future self in 10 years. The benefit of this “future-self” technique is that you will define for yourself what is the true goal you would like to achieve in your professional life in a long-term period.

Step #2. Make a personal SWOT analysis. It will allow you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, define potential opportunities and threats. Although, SWOT analysis is mostly used by companies to assess their current business situation, it can be applied to individuals with the same success.

Step #3. Make a plan – after you have defined your career goals and made a personal assessment, it is now time to make a plan to define what you need to do, to achieve your goals. Make a detailed list of what skills you need to develop, what courses to take, what language to learn, what materials to read, etc. in order to be qualified enough at least for an entry-level position in the field you would like to grow. Then, order your analysis in a logical way, so the steps follow one after the other and put a time frame for each of them.

Step #4. Search the companies who offer positions in which you are interested in. Try to learn something more about the specific position and company, is there something else that you can enhance in your skills and motivation that will make you the right candidate.

Step #5. Action – after you have defined what you want, how to achieve it and where you would like to achieve, it comes time for the action. All analysis, researches, and assessment have no value if you don’t start work towards achieving your goals afterwards. So, don’t lose your time. Grab your life and career in your hands and sign up for a language class, take a technical course, read more about soft skills, go outside of your comfort zone, face some challenges, apply for a job, get hired, and start your own successful career story!