Employee Testimonials

An organization is nothing without its most valuable resource – the people. The best way to learn more about a company is to hear directly from its team and their experiences. On this page, we have gathered and would like to share some employee testimonials.

Why I came back to Bulgaria and chose B EYE – Stenly

“Honestly, I really love my country, so I didn’t need much convincing. When I was job hunting, I was doing it simultaneously for Wales and Bulgaria – the former because I was currently living there and the latter because the concept of going back home still resonated a bit with me…”

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Why I came back to Bulgaria and chose B EYE – Magi

“Starting as a Junior HR Specialist, I had the task to understand all the dos and don’ts in a professional environment while simultaneously learning on the spot for the first time what it means to be a human resources representative. Now, 3 years and 3 positions later, I am a senior in my field and the point of contact for all Human Capital matters at B EYE.”

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One day as – Stef  (BI Analyst / Developer)

This is Stef. Stef is a BI Analyst / Developer at B EYE and he’s been a part of the company for over 4 years now. He’s graduated from Sofia University with a degree in Balkan Studies but decided to drastically change his path and dive deep into the analytics world instead.

If you wonder what Stef does in his day-to-day life, click the link below.

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