B EYE Academy

At B EYE we invest in talent and value the skills, professionalism, and proactiveness of our team members. To encourage people development, we created B EYE Academy several years ago.

What is B EYE Academy?

B EYE Academy is a series of structured courses dedicated to the development and enhancement of the theoretical and practical knowledge of the main software we use – QlikView. Each course covers a different topic and the lectures are interactive. Homework tasks are given after each of the sessions and at the end there is a test. Those who pass it successfully are granted a company certificate.

Who are the lecturers?

The lecturers are experienced team members that develop the course program, prepare the topics, deliver the lectures, check the progress of the participants, answer questions, and provide feedback. The lecturers invest time, energy, and efforts in the development of other team members.

Who can participate?

Participants are B EYE team members who would like to develop and further enhance their technical skills. In 2018 we plan to open B EYE Academy for external participants.

Please refer to the last point in this article “When will be the next one?” for additional information on the topic.

What are the benefits?

B EYE Academy is our company trademark. It was established to develop the potential of our team members by other team members. This practice allows both participants and lectures to learn and improve – the technical skills of the participants and the soft skills of the lecturers.

The main benefits for the participants are:

  • Structured and concise key information.
  • Interactive lectures.
  • Practical training.
  • Sharing experience and best practices.
  • Constructive feedback.
  • Useful knowledge.

The main benefits for the lecturers are:

  • Further development and enhancement of presentation, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Gaining extra technical skills while preparing for the courses by additional researches and analysis for each of the topics, sharing good practices with other lecturers, and learning new tips and tricks in the process.
  • Opportunity to show own potential and be a role model.

When will be the next one?

The next B EYE Academy will be held in the spring and will be open only for internal participants. The first one B EYE Academy to be open for external participants is planned to be held in the autumn of 2018.

News and updates on B EYE Academy will be posted on our site in the section for “News and Events”.