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We are a team of excellent professionals, who are excited about technology and passionate about learning. We love solving new challenges and are dedicated team players.

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We are always searching for new ways to help make our clients’ decision-making more accessible and efficient. A job “well done” is when our partners improve and become their best selves. To provide optimal results – we need great professionals. That’s why we don’t settle for less than the best. The team consists of highly motivated, hard-working, skilled, and proactive young professionals who always strive for excellence. They challenge the status quo and are ready to help whenever needed. They are always willing to walk the extra mile and search for new possibilities.

How we want to achieve it

We work together and we have fun together

We want to build a stimulating and encouraging environment where professionals can grow. Our people should be involved, heard, taken care of, and appreciated. That is why, here at B EYE, we encourage constant communication and collaboration. We strive to achieve good work-life balance and build on strong long-lasting friendships.

Employee engagement and team spirit are important parts of building a healthy connection with a company, so we constantly organize various types of activities to help achieve this positive culture.

Remote work

B EYE team members worked from all corners of the country together!

Monthly mini team buildings

Where everyone can get to know their colleagues informally through fun bonding activities.

Gatherings before- during-  and after- work

Because slowing down, relaxing and just having a meal/drink every once in a while, is just as important as staying active.

Company-wide team buildings twice a year

Where all the fun happens.

CSR initiatives throughout the year because we want as many people to feel as fortunate as we are.

Get to know our values and our unique culture

We grow as a company and we want each and every team member to also grow and develop.

Sharing knowledge and experience

We communicate on regular basis with our clients and are highly recognised for our ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

Domain expertise

We have been helping global leaders to implement data-driven strategies and data-centric culture.

Care for others

Our people are our greatest asset! Thus, it is important we provide them with good health care and personal development plans.


We are determined to help our clients’ businesses to become more efficient, data-driven, and sustainable. Data and knowledge drive the business world. We use our skills to help clients worldwide set new business trends and drive their industries.


Honesty and integrity are key characteristics we stand by. They set the tone for the kind of work culture we want to create. That is how we provide consistency and build loyalty and trust in our clients.


Time is one of the most precious resources. We value it and use it wisely. An open and agile style of collaboration is implemented with our clients to suffice their dynamic needs.

Why work here

Key beliefs of how things should be done

Induction program

Allows every newcomer to gain basic technical skills of the software and to enhance their soft skills.


Assigns inexperienced colleagues to a senior who helps them learn and develop faster and answers their questions.

Learning opportunities

Free access to online educational platforms that offer courses for the development of technical or soft skills.

Career Path

The path is clearly structured and certain KPIs are set for each step of the person’s development.


It creates a productive environment where team members work, develop their skills and potential. Achieve results and have fun.

Team cooperation

There is a spirit of cooperation, friendship, and appreciation of each team member’s contribution to the common goal.


What our employees say?

Stefan Popov

Senior Qlik Consultant

The main reason I work at B EYE with pleasure is my colleagues. Our team is full of young, motivated, dynamic, and positive professionals. Being surrounded by them just makes coming working with a smile a simple task.

Stiliyan Neychev

Senior Technical Content Writer

B EYE understood that I wasn’t satisfied with doing the same monotonous routine daily, so the team started giving me new responsibilities that required me to learn new skills. It’s been a great journey, filled with so much variety, excitement, and other life spices.

Martin Ivanov

Qlik Team Lead

It’s the people that make the company, and B EYE’s people are great! I love that I constantly need to push myself out of my comfort zone, learn new technologies, and improve my skills. Perks like home-office also add to the experience 🙂

Petya Krasteva

Senior Anaplan Consultant

What I particularly appreciate about our company is its commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. The emphasis on employee growth and development, coupled with the inclusive and supportive work environment, has made B EYE a place where I not only thrive professionally but also feel a strong sense of belonging. This is why I genuinely enjoy being a part of this organization. 

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B EYE’s career paths are based on the reached milestones and achievements, successful personal development, team integration, and company culture adoption.

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