As technology in the 21st century is constantly changing and evolving, businesses need to find a way to keep up and stay on top of their industry. To do that, we at B EYE have the ambition to stay at the forefront in everything we do. While keeping the local requirements in mind, we are not limited by the local market`s standards. This is what allows us to always be one step ahead of our competitors.

Our services provide some of the biggest companies in the world with more reliable and objective data that can be easily understood and used to make better aligned strategic decisions.

Being a mid-sized company allows for easier communication between the different development teams, therefore we are able to give quick responses to our clients and be more flexible and agile. The relatively small team size also allows every member to prove their talent and grow rapidly in the company.


  1. We are B EYE – This section defines the main characteristics of our team and our culture. It also follows through each of our values and then wraps up with the culture that is built upon them.
  2. Why work here – Gives you few of the main reasons B EYE is a great place to work at and identifies the main perks the company provides, such as mentorship and induction program.
  3. One Day As… – Want to know what some of our team members do throughout their day? This section will give you the answer to that and much more.
  4. Open Positions – If all of the aforementioned reasons made you feel like B EYE is the right place for you – click on this section to see what our current vacancies are.
  5. Useful HR Tips – In case you have had difficulties in the past applying with the best CV and motivation letter possible, this section will give you some useful tips coming straight from our HR team.
  6. B EYE Academy – At B EYE we invest in talent and value the skills, professionalism, and proactiveness of our team members. To encourage people’s development, we created B EYE Academy several years ago.

Wish to join our team? View the list with our current open positions and apply now!

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