Inside the World of an Anaplan Developer: Alexander Denchev’s Journey at B EYE

Inside the World of an Anaplan Developer: Alexander Denchev’s Journey at B EYE

By Margarite Schindler

December 19, 2023

Hi! Can you introduce yourself shortly?

My name is Alexander Denchev and I have been part of B EYE for almost 3 years now.

Can you tell us a few words about your role as an Anaplan developer and consultant at B EYE?

I have been working in the Anaplan team for over 2 years, pretty much from the point in which it was created. Anaplan is a cloud-based platform that focuses on solutions for enterprise planning. I take part in handling and maintaining the Anaplan implementations for our customers, as well as leading active communication with them for any new requirements they might have.

How did you start working at B EYE?

I was referred by a friend and began working as Technical support for the solutions that B EYE introduces to our clients. After a while, I was transferred to the Development team and had a brief encounter with the Qlik platform. However, afterward, I became part of the Anaplan team. Being able to encounter different levels and areas of our work environment for a short time really gave me a working head start for all future professional endeavors

Alexander Denchev

How would you describe the team you are part of?

I have the great opportunity to be responsible for and be part of a team of young thinkers who always strive to be at their best and exceed expectations, which, also, keeps inspiring me to aim higher. Facing challenges with them is amazing as you can always rely on your teammates to keep surprising you with new ways to handle every situation. It is rewarding to be part of an environment that allows you to share knowledge constantly and improve your mindset and professional capabilities.

What do you think is your most valuable quality that helps you become a master at your job?

I’d say being thorough and perfectionistic in my work – I can not label a task as finished if I haven’t found most, if not all, ways to complete it, and chosen the optimal one. During work, I keep following a thought I have – “When in doubt, always give 110%”.

What would you tell anyone who is curious about working as an Anaplan developer and consultant at B EYE?

If you want to feel satisfied with your work, to be greeted by happy people every morning, to get to know a new and exciting platform that keeps developing constantly, then our team is the place for you.

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