Wellness – The Path to Active and Motivated Colleagues

Wellness – The Path to Active and Motivated Colleagues

By Severina Yordanova

December 15, 2023

A healthy and strong spirit has always been key for us here at B EYE, since it directly results in determined and motivated employees. After all, a company without healthy workers, isn’t a persevering company. Throughout the years we’ve realized that we all must ensure that everyone in the company gets enough exercise and outdoor time, so that we can stay vigorous and driven.

Check out some of our favorite initiatives throughout 2021:

New Year’s “Fit” Resolution

Let’s start with our New Year’s resolutions for 2021. As usual, most of us wished to improve their health through some fitness trainings and B EYE aimed to deliver. Employees are still following through with the plan to stay fit and agile throughout the year thanks to our online coach Kostadin Metodiev. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we get to spend some time and sweat together with the help of his guidance. This morning routine helps us to wake up bright and early and start our day the right way – with some exercise.

Mens sana in corpore sano

As important as it is to keep our mental health in check during these troubling times, it is just as important to keep our bodies healthy. After hiring an online instructor, the next logical step was to provide our employees with the needed equipment to fully take advantage of this perk. That’s why from this year on, every employee has the opportunity to use a company budget and acquire some sports equipment. With this, we hope to encourage building healthy habits and making them permanent – global pandemic or not.

The COVID Vaccines Informative Session

We’re truly grateful to the doctors that took time off their busy schedule to conduct this informative session about the COVID pandemic and the vaccination process. They managed to clear a lot of things up for us, and we were able to form really interesting discussions throughout the session about the virus, the vaccines, and our immune system. With the knowledge, we acquired we bravely continue our work throughout the ongoing pandemic, and that’s an irreplaceable feeling.

The Picnic Packing Perk

Easter is such a great holiday and as always with its approach comes the long-awaited sunny summer weather. With that in mind, we wanted to give our colleagues a gift for the holidays that will motivate them to take advantage of the awesome sun. And what better way to do that than with a picnic? Picnic baskets are quite remarkable – they really start filling your head with various ideas for locations, meals, and good times. It’s true, ask Yogi if you don’t believe us. Since then, we’ve often organized some corporate picnics to fill our bellies and catch some rays under the sun.

Just Keep Cycling

Exercise equals health, that’s common sense. Avoiding public transport during a pandemic also equals health. So, why not combine the two in an enjoyable manner? With the added intention to decrease the carbon emissions coming from cars, we decided to subsidize our employees with bikes. Everyone who wished to avoid using cars and public transportation can purchase one in order to come to the office in a healthy way. Better keep those bike lanes clear because we’re cruisin’ to work!

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