What to expect from Tableau in 2023

What to expect from Tableau in 2023

By Lia Katerova

December 15, 2023

B EYE is excited to share the latest updates and announcements about the future of Tableau. The company recently shared its vision for 2023 and beyond, and it’s safe to say that we’re thrilled to be a part of it. 

For the last 20 years, Tableau has been changing the data game. Their main goal during the years was always to make data understandable for ordinary people. It may have seemed an impossible mission in the past, but today in 2023, we can surely say they succeeded.  If you don’t trust us, here is the data. More than 100,000 organizations use Tableau today to maximize the value of their data. And their community has more than 2.5 million members. Not bad at all. But Tablue isn’t stopping here. They always strive to improve and progress as technology develops.  

what to expect form tableau in 2023

Product Innovation 

At the core of Tableau’s purpose is to help every person handle data better. That is why it is not surprising that they have promised to keep expanding and improving the Tableau platform in ways that will make it easier for its users to maximize the potential of their data. 

Tableau’s recent acquisition by Salesforce allows it to use the capabilities of the CRM platform to help itself achieve its mission.  

The additional resources that Tableau gained upon merging with Salesforce allowed the company to broaden its understanding of the market, acquire development skills from the top Cloud leader, and leverage these assets to fulfill Tableau’s objectives. Tableau is open to every customer and organization, and users won’t be forced to use Salesforce if they don’t want or need to.  

However, Tableau is bringing more value to those who use Salesforce by assisting clients in leveraging existing investments. This includes the brand-new Genie Customer Data Cloud, which can assist you in unlocking customer data with potent insights for action. With External Actions powered by Salesforce Flow, Tableau is assisting you in automating business processes and turning insights into action.  

Regarding attention to feedback, Tableau is one of the best. With the new DataFam initiative, they partner with community leaders to help prioritize the thousands of ideas users submitted to the Ideas Forum. These ideas have already been incorporated into recent releases, such as Dynamic Zone Visibility, Image Role, swap data source per sheet, and the PROPER function. However, there is still more to come. In the next releases, you can expect more powerful and user-friendly capabilities to be added to Tableau. 

Tableau Conference 

Like every year, Tableau will organize another great conference. We are excited about this conference as it will provide three days of technical information, best practices, client tales, and innovation. 

The core concepts of the Tableau conference are connection, inspiration, learning, and networking. Tableau is already preparing what we love the most at their conferences which includes Devs on Stage, hands-on trainings, Iron Viz, Data Night Out, and much more. The event will take place in Las Vegas May 9-11. And we are sure it will be a blast! 

Tableau Community 

Tableau will continue to support and grow its DataFam educating more people about data. They also see opportunities to connect the Tableau and Salesforce communities more intentionally, as many Salesforce customers are just beginning to discover the magic of Tableau. They’ve made strides: building a Data Literacy Trail on Trailhead, hosting Viz Games at Dreamforce 2022, and planning DataDev programs at TrailblazerDX 2023 in March. 


Overall, we are thrilled to be working with Tableau as the company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the data analytics space. B EYE is excited about what Tableau will bring us in 2023 and beyond. With their focus on product innovation and commitment to the Tableau community, we believe that Tableau will continue to empower everyone with data, regardless of their technical expertise. We also eagerly anticipate the upcoming Tableau conference, which promises to be a valuable source of technical information, best practices, and innovation. We are proud to be a part of the Tableau community and look forward to the future developments of this remarkable platform. 

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